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Heated Shirt

Worlds Warmest Shirt!

Introducing The FLARE 

The shirt that adapts to your body's needs using a carbon fiber heating system. 

 This shirt warms you when you need the heat, and doesn't overheat you! We’re thrilled to share the shirt that will keep you feeling just right no matter where you are headed!

Packed With Tech

  • Three Warmth Settings

    Quickly adapt to you body's warmth needs with a click of an LED button. From a drafty office to the ski slopes - you're covered.

  • Built To Last

    We've only chosen premium materials to last. You'll wear it so much, just remember to wash it! The entire shirt is washable.

  • Included Powerbank

    Comes with a powerbank for hours of warmth & portable power w/USB output. Power bank also charges mobile devices 3X or more.


How does the heating technology work?

A battery pack sends a current through a carbon fiber resistive element that heats up using minimal power for long lasting warmth.

Can the shirt be washed?

The shirt is machine washable, we recommend drip drying for longest lasting performance.

How hot does the shirt get?

Low: 112 F (44C), Medium: 135 F (57C), High: 150F (65C). These temperatures sound high, but they are just right for keeping your body warm as it transfers heat quickly to your body. 

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